How to Attract More Listings

How to Attract More Listings

1. Pick up the phone. 
The people you know, make a list, and then take a few minutes and make some calls!  Be genuine and don't rush to the point. If you have 100 people in your sphere, call 10 each month.

2. Send an eNewsletter. 
Be sure to include offers, local news, events, market updates AND ask for referrals.  If you'd like help designing one, give us a call! 

3. Host get-togethers on a regular basis – happy hours, cook-outs or ask your top referrers to lunch.

4. Contact FSBOs (for sale by owner) properties. This isn’t always “instant gratification” but if you reach out to an FSBO that’s been on the market for 2+ months they may be more receptive to what you have to say. With FSBOs, you may have to stay in contact for a few months, but if you don’t give up on them and keep offering valuable information and tips, you will be the agent they call when they decide to list in the MLS. 

5. Reach out to those with expired listings. You can focus on those listings that just expired or expired several months ago and never re-listed their home. If you target areas that you know have experienced a dramatic uptick in pricing, it may be easier to connect with those homeowners.  TIP: Want new Expired Listings and FSBOs daily? Try The Redex and LandVoice.

6. Contact withdrawn listings in your MLS. Quite often a home was withdrawn from the market because they couldn’t sell it at a price they needed. These owners may not know how much home values have gone up, so they may be very happy to hear from you!

7. Host an open house “happy hour”.   Set it up the weekend before it is listed and invite the neighbors. They could have a friend that wants to move into the neighborhood, and they will also notice that you are going above and beyond to get their neighbor’s home sold.  MyprintXpress doorhangers work great for this!  Check them out here.

8. Pass out flyers inviting neighbors to the open house. Or just let them know you have a new listing coming up. It’s a great way to connect with others in the neighborhood. Be sure to share your home flyer with them and keep the focus on your current listing, but as you walk away, turn back and ask them if they are planning to move in the future. We make beautiful flyers, check them out!

9. Send “JUST SOLD” Postcards to nearby homes. Include time on the market and how close it sold to the asking price. Doing this when you have an amazing sell that will get their attention.  Also, drive them to your website where they can get a complimentary home valuation. MyprintXpress offers mailing services, check out our postcards here.

10. Send mailers monthly-ish. Include relevant information, like recent home sales, market stats for that community, or upcoming events. This is often a long term strategy, but if you are consistently mailing to your farm, you will be top of mind when they are ready to sell. Check out our mailers here.

Posted on 5/12/2022